COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A Colorado Springs staple is closing its doors for good. Flowerama on the corner of Circle and Platte will be shutting down this Friday after the lot they sit in was sold back in March.

Their last few days open have been quiet with the exception of Mother’s Day. Co-owner Anne Hardy said this last big holiday for the shop wasn’t as busy as they expected. The shelves inside now have spots where merchandise won’t be replenished.

Hardy said, "the store looks completely different than it typically does because it’s usually full of stuff and it’s empty."

The empty shop is a different sight than what was seen in February. KRDO visited the store on Valentine’s Day when it was packed full of people getting their last minute gift. At the time, a customer said, "this place is nuts right now."

Back then, Hardy didn’t know that Valentine’s Day would be her last, "it’s like we’re leaving an era behind. Twenty-two years of repeat business is why we stayed on the corner."

According to the El Paso County Public Record Property Information, Flowerama, Midas, Short Stop and a neighborhood shopping center were sold to CVS Pharmacy on March 1st. It’s unclear when those other businesses will be affected by the sale.

After 22 years in business, Hardy says days like her last Valentine’s made the business worth it, "to see them come in and say goodbyes, it’s going to be tough. Real, real tough to lock those doors for the last time."

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