One of the best things about Colorado is the scenery. The Colorado Rockies are unparalleled in their beauty. Other parts of the state have a lot to offer as well when it comes to outdoor recreation. When you are surrounded by so much beauty, it makes sense to get outdoors whenever possible. One great way to do that is by planning a picnic.

Although you can just throw some food in the car and go, you will generally have a better time if you put some thought into the planning process. The first thing that you should think about is the type of food that you want to eat. Usually, finger food is the best option when you are eating outdoors. That way, you don’t have to worry about packing utensils.

Try making sandwiches on rolls. You can make them special by using high-quality meat from the deli, imported cheese, and slices of tomato or avocado. If you prefer, you can also keep things simple, opting for something like peanut butter and jelly or chicken salad sandwiches. It really depends on what type of experience you want to have and what types of foods you enjoy the most.

Fried chicken is another great option. It is tasty and filling but doesn’t require any utensils to eat. You can either fry it yourself or you can pick up a bucket of it from your favorite chicken joint.

For side dishes, chips and salsa are always a great option since they are easy to eat. Cubed cheese, fresh fruit, and cut vegetables are also good choices. Throw in a few candy bars or some individually wrapped hand pies for the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

You also need to think about where you will sit while you eat. The best option is usually just to throw in a blanket. You can spread it out on the ground and sit on it while you relax and enjoy nature. If you prefer, you can also take along folding chairs. This can be a good option if you find it uncomfortable to sit on the ground.

The final step in the planning process is to figure out how you will keep your food from spoiling. Usually, the best option is to carry it in a cooler along with some ice. Don’t forget to bring along a trash bag so that you have someplace to throw all of your garbage. That way, you don’t have to worry about littering in Colorado’s beautiful outdoor spaces.