So, consider for a moment that only had enough time to experience a few adventures in Colorado. Which ones would you choose? The following are some choices that may make your bucket list options easier.

Slide Into Strawberry Park

You will have to be honest. This is a popular attraction not only because it is a natural setting that is near Steamboat Springs, it is also one of the places where you choose to go au naturel once the sun goes down.

The masonry walls that are used in the construction of the pools create a variety of different temperatures. This means that you can find the pool that feels the best for you.

You can choose to spend the night in one of the cozy and rustic cabins, or you can enjoy a totally different sleeping experience in a train caboose. How many nights will you be able to spend a night in a caboose by a warm fireplace?

There are several other hot springs in the state that you can enjoy as well. The most popular one is Glenwood Springs. However, there are some smaller hot springs in the area you can enjoy if you prefer a setting that is more intimate. These include:

Mount Princeton in Buena Vista
Hot Sulphur Springs – Granby

Mesa Verde

It is common for those who live in Colorado to downplay what is in their own backyard. However, the cliff dwellings that are located in Cortez in the national park should be visited just like other ancient ruins all over the world are. You can choose to visit these ruins on your own, or you can take a ranger guided tour instead.

There are many architectural sites that have not been unearthed yet. Fortunately, there are enough of them that have been discovered so that residents and visitors alike can view them in awe.

You can also take an alternate day tour through the Ute Mountain Tribal Park. During the tour, a tribal member will explain the history of the Ute tribe, and also guide the group through the cliff dwellings in the park.

Special tours, especially horseback tours, are available during the entire year. You can also take some time to visit the Pottery Factory. Tribal members continue to create functional and high quality pots, as and also paint traditional pottery.

Go To A Concert At The Red Rocks

Pack a nice picnic basket, arrive to Red Rocks early and hope there is not a cloud in the sky so you can enjoy the moon. Although your goal may be to enjoy the night listening to great music.

These are some of the things that you can add to your bucket list of activities to enjoy in Colorado. Choose one activity or all of them for a memorable experience.