Since a funeral home in montrose was raided by the FBI earlier this month many of you have reached out to us – asking what you can do if you have information, tips or fear a loved one’s remains weren’t treated as you intended.

When the state shut down sunset mesa and donor services in Montrose, they cited remains being tested: and finding out that the ‘ashes’ given to loved ones weren’t ashes at all. But in at least once case cement.

We made phone calls for you and found a lab where you can have cremains tested.

Private Lab Results in Colorado Springs says they will take the remains and test them for calcium. The owner, Michelle Hutchenson says the cost is about $400. They need about a tablespoon of ashes to test the process takes about two weeks.

Their phone number is 1-800-908-9117.

Complaints against Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors may also be filed online by consumers, family members, employees, colleagues, and employers using this link:

File a Complaint

We’ve also been asked if there’s a tipline or other place to provide information about the operation, the state regulators say you should forward them to the Office of Funeral Homes and Crematories at

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